Arpeggio of Blue Steel Anime Adaption — About damn time

I’ve been waiting for this to get an anime from around the time it got a drama CD (March 2012). Although there’s a lack of answers to questions most of us would like to know, that’s understandable considering the source seems to be nowhere near its end. The real problem is which route the staff will decide to take with the adaption.


BlazBlue Anime Adaption — Why it’ll be bad

I won’t say I’ve watched every video game anime adaption ever, beacuse I haven’t, so if there’s something that’s legitimiately good out there, feel free to let me know how much of a faggot I am for not having played and/or watched it. Now, I don’t love or hate BlazBlue. I’m fairly neutral about it, other than the fact that I hate how Noel is fanboyed to the moon, but I won’t get into that here.


Re-Introduction? — That’s LORD Ehx, VERMIN

Fuck yeah

First off, kudos if you get the references.

Anyways, I’ll try to keep this concise.